theO - the smart indoor environment sensor


Greetings, Earthling!

I am theO.

I am an intelligent indoor environment sensor. Let’s breathe together!

I make sure you and your family stay healthy and energized!

I can make sure that the air you breathe is clean and fresh and if it’s not, I will help you make it better.

I monitor, analyze and give you recommendations on how to improve air quality based on your lifestyle routine and wellness preferences.

I’m like a tiny spaceship.

While simple and sleek on the outside, I am quite complex on the inside. I have many sensors installed in me, to undertand the air around me.

My sensors monitor the air and the data appears on my personal app and on my display.

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I look awesome.

I was created based on high standards and used the best materials available.

My family put a lot of effort into my design, so that I would be easy to understand and that I can be an awesome part of your interior design.